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I've been looking for a relaxing...  trading sim without a hundred controls to memorize.  It's retro graphics are easy on the eye as well.  The lack of constant combat is a nice aspect as well.  That the game is open ended without having to be drawn into a story thread is great too!  I love the game!

That said, in all fairness, rare encounters with would-be hijackers (pirates) would add a extra dimension to the game.  Perhaps with the option of no pirates, few pirates, and just a few more pirates would be nice.  A surrender (cargo) option, evade option (at a distance) or combat.  Not sure how combat might be resolved... an option for computer driven auto combat... after all, an AI would better know where another ships weak spots are.

But then, that would be my idea of expanding the game and not your game.  Your game is stands alone as wonderful!  Well worth the cost.  Thank you:-)